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Resources for Schools to help children understand racism 

The National Education Union has created an  Anti-Racism Charter which schools can use to evaluate their school. An essential for all schools and recommended for Schools of Sanctuary

Photo credit Nathan Dumlao from Unsplash

Runnymede Trust has published a new report (June 2020) Race and Racism in English Secondary Schools which explores the nature of racism in secondary schools and is organised around four key issues: the teacher workforce; curricula; police; and school policies.

The Linking Network has resources for schools to help children understand race, identity and empathy

Show Racism the Red Card has a set of excellent materials including videos and downloadable activities, as well as teacher training.

The Runnymede Trust lists 7 simple things you can do to change the history curriculum to include histories of migration, Black British experience and colonialism

Teacher Toolkit has an excellent blog on future proofing the curriculum in response to the death of George Floyd.

The National Literacy Trust has a range of anti-racism resources including book lists for different age groups. Also articles and Ted talks and TV footage which explains why black lives matter and provides rich educational opportunities.

The British Red Cross have new resources for young people – Black Lives Matter aiming to help young people to reflect on the Black Lives Matter movement with a focus on how people might experience racism and how it might feel. Also see their guide for talking about race with children.

The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) have new anti-racist educational resources.

The Institute of Race Relations –  See their wide range of Educational Resources and Calendar of Racism and Resistance A fortnightly resource highlighting key events in the UK and Europe

Our Migration Story:The Making of Britain website presents the often untold stories of the generations of migrants who came to and shaped the British Isles.

BBC Black  Historyresources to find out more about black history in Britain – or to start your own historical research project

Black History Month – provide a Schools resource pack each year

Teaching British Histories of Race, Migration and Empire – A crowdsourced collection of resources for teachers, students and researchers exploring histories of race, migration and Empire.

Slave Voyages – a brilliant digital memorial with resources about the slave trade, including maps, 3D videos, and lesson plans.

The Economist Educational Foundation – have free racism teaching resources for 9+

Healthline has compiled a good list of books and other anti-racism resources for children and parents on combating and explaining racism.

Black Learning Achievement and Mental Health aims to promote a positive dialogue of social identity and culture through history. They have a podcast and a range of free resources and worksheets for different age groups on African and Afro-Caribbean history.

BAMEEd Network have useful  resources for teachers  including posters, books and podcasts.

A kids book about racism by Jelani Memory on video A clear explanation of what racism is and how to know it when you see it. For ages 5+.  It promotes the value of difference.

Influential Black Britons illustrated book Age 5 to 7, Age 7 to 11, Home educators, Schools and colleges. Free to download. Welsh version.  Stories of influential black Britons who have impacted UK laws and equal rights. Stories of important black Britons can be embedded across the curriculum.

News From Nowhere Radical & Community Bookshop – published a list of anti-racism books for children

How to challenge Racism in British Schools –  A useful article in The Conversation .

The Black Curriculum is a social enterprise founded in 2019 by young people to address the lack of Black British history in the UK Curriculum. It has a range of resources in various subjects for KS 2 and KS 3 including free videos.

Why Reverse Racism is a myth:  In partnership with Fearless Youth Association – the “Modern Day Mullatos”,  4 young people  discuss reverse racism and why its a myth. Interesting video to kickstart discussions with young people.

The shocking truth of racism in British schoolsThe Guardian Podcast.